Venture Capitalist Companies for Physicians (Physician-Owned VC firms)

August 3, 2020

Harsha Moole, M.D., MBBS


Venture Capitalist Companies for Physicians (Physician-Owned VC firms). As an entrepreneurial platform for physicians, we thought of sharing a short list of physician-owned venture capitalist companies. On this blog post, we are providing an overview of the companies, a brief description for each, and their unique selling points. If you are a physician looking to learn about investment opportunities from venture capitalist companies owned by doctors, hopefully this should provide you with a detailed summary.

Venture Capitalist Companies

Here is the list of physician-owned venture capitalist companies:

Hippocrates VC

“Physicians Investing in Social Impact Healthcare”

  • Description: “We are a group of physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs that are investing in solutions that will prevent and treat disease and alleviate human suffering using technology. We believe in moonshot thinking just as Startup Health does, which is the concept of having a 25 year-vision to improve healthcare. When JFK said we will go to the moon, he did not know how we will get there. We believe to change healthcare, this same moonshot thinking is required.”
  • Unique Selling Point:
    • Physicians will invest in digital therapeutics or solutions that will prevent and treat disease and alleviate human suffering using technology.
    • Digital therapeutics utilize a variety of digital implementations to help manage, monitor, and prevent illnesses in at-risk patients. These include mobile devices and technologies, apps, sensors, desktop computers, and various Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
    • Hippocrates Ventures is the world’s first physician funded social impact venture capital fund focused on investing in digital therapeutics.
  • Contact Information:


Vernonville Asset Management (VAM) –

“Creating and Preserving Investor Wealth through Alternative Investments”

  • Description: “VAM is a private investment firm created to provide investors the opportunity to invest in real assets. Our focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through alternative investment strategies. Returns are generated for our clients by directly investing in companies & development teams with a proven track record of profitable operations along with experienced management.” Although VAM is not a typical VC firm, lately VAM team has started investing in certain niche venture capitalist funds.
  • Unique Selling Point:
    • Physicians will invest in real assets (alternative investment strategies).
    • Alternative investments are assets that can be purchased that generate returns that have little to no correlation with what happens on Wall Street.  These are real assets whose value does not rise and fall with the day’s news, political unrest, or “flash crashes”.
  • Contact Information:



“The Virtual Townhall of Healthcare Innovation”

  • Description: “AngelMD combines the insight of its community with machine learning to identify the most robust investment offerings in early-stage healthcare. We apply specialized expertise to help identify and advance our next syndicated startup and gain access to a guided experience designed to strengthen your startup’s investment potential.”
  • Unique Selling Point:
    • Physicians will invest in startup healthcare companies (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, technology/system innovations, etc).
    • Invest in a single company that has been evaluated with our proprietary startup evaluation platform by lead physicians within the network. When you join the small group of syndicate investors you will receive quarterly investor updates directly from the syndicated company.
  • Contact Information:


Physician Investment Group, LLC

  • Description: Physician Investment Group is an angel investor group based in Dayton, Ohio. Physician Investment Group considers early stage investments, and has built a portfolio of mostly Ohio-based biotechnology companies like TheraVasc. Physician Investment Group has provided angel/venture capital investment in all of their portfolio companies.
  • Unique Selling Point: Physicians will invest in biotechnology companies.


LOUD Capital

“Venture for People”

  • Description: LOUD Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm providing capital, entrepreneurship, and education to grow impactful companies across the globe.
  • Unique Selling Point: 
    • Alternative Investments: LOUD offers a wide breadth of investment vehicles for accredited investors, ranging from early stage venture capital funds to receivables financing contracts to special purpose vehicles. This variety allows us to satisfy the unique needs of each of our investors.
    • Services: LOUD has established a powerful arsenal of commercialization resources, strategic partners, and business offerings to play a vital role in the global venture landscape.
    • Education: We also strategically invest in models and systems that disrupt conventional approaches to education in ways that encourage innovative thinking.
  • Contact:


Global Health Impact Fund (GHIF) –

“Providing an opportunity for medical clinicians and health care professionals to invest”

  • Description: Global Health Impact Fund (GHIF) is a Strategic Venture Capital Investment Network. Our investor-focused model invests exclusively on behalf of our clinician and healthcare professional investor network. We provide an opportunity for these professionals to participate in a diversified portfolio of early-stage healthcare technology companies. These businesses are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, but the vast majority of clinical professionals are simply observers to changes that will upset their practices and worldview. GHIF offers a potent alternative to that scenario.
  • Unique Selling Point:
    • Global Health Impact Fund is an early stage, strategic venture capital fund providing an opportunity for medical clinicians to invest in the leading edge of healthcare technology.
    • GHIF’s mission is to deploy capital in early-stage healthcare companies that thrive at the intersection of purpose, profit, and innovation. 
    • Our ideal investment is in a healthcare technology team looking for $500k-$5mm in capital who can leverage our fund network’s expertise and vast industry relationships to accelerate growth of their company.
  • Contact:

Venture Capitalist Companies

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