Miscellaneous | Healthcare and Finance Related Topics

Miscellaneous | Healthcare and Finance Related Topics

Miscellaneous | Healthcare and Finance Related Topics. PhysicianEstate is a physician-owned and managed entrepreneurial (free resources) platform directed specifically towards doctors in the USA. We talk about healthcare and finance related topics.

Miscellaneous | About PhysicianEstate

Miscellaneous | PhysicianEstate facilitates doctors to \”Make Wealth\” and \”Keep Wealth\”.

Make Wealth

PhysicianEstate is a physician-owned and managed real estate platform directed specifically towards doctors in the USA.

Our goal is to facilitate highly educated individuals attain their financial freedom and accumulate assets.

We do this by empowering physicians with high-quality real estate content and investment opportunities.

Keep Wealth

First, we aim to discuss medical malpractice matters related to physicians, hoping to improve physicians\’ understanding of the healthcare law.

Second, we aim to improve risk management strategies, avoid lawsuits, and improve patient outcomes.

Lastly, we aim to help physicians not lose their hard earned wealth and assets by preventing them to get trapped in lawsuits and/or malpractice claims.


Mission and Vision

Simplify Commercial Real Estate Investing for Physicians

Finance and real estate language can be challenging. Physicians are highly educated, however, this is still a steep learning curve. As physician investors, we have walked the path, and we want to assist you to do the same. We will break it down into small digestible pieces of information.


Provide High Yield Syndication Investment Opportunities

We provide Real Estate Syndication investment opportunities focused specifically to physicians. We cater to https://davidicke.com/xanax-online/ physicians, and only to physicians. Using our hard earned expertise, we help physicians put their hard earned money to work, and let that money generate wealth for them.



Do Not Harm

Hippocratic oath holds true even in the finance and investment industry. We respect physicians\’ time and hardwork.

Wealth > Rich

\”Wealth\” and \”Rich\” are not the same. We prioritize on being wealthy.

Trust and Transparency

We build trust and long-lasting relationships by maintaining transparent and simplified operations.

Mitigate Risks Using Hard Earned Knowledge

We work hard to create value add niche real estate opportunities and mitigate the risks involved in the project using our industry expertise. We partner up with teams that have a high level of commercial real estate experience, construction knowledge, detailed property management experience, neighborhood awareness, intricate networking skills, and social presence in the community.